Resistance Training Facts

New Journey - 2013


– Just a quick overview of a proper strength training workout regimen… Keeping a journal of your settings on your machines and how much weight AND reps you are doing when resistance training is super crucial to building muscle… Make sure you keep a run down of it all or have someone help you.. Working out with someone by your side is such a motivator and more challenging which makes you and them push yourselves harder! Trust me, I used to be a personal trainer and I had a trainer push me until I felt like my muscle/s wouldn’t do another rep! Best feeling ever! That’s what you want, full range of motion, slow reps, focusing on the muscle group/s you are working, deep breathing, machine settings in line with your body, relax, and resist! Also, another extremely important fact… A clean, natural, pure, & safe diet! If you aren’t eating an even somewhat clean diet it will be hard to see results, especially if you have some fat to lose and or muscle to gain!! Which most, if not all people need to gain muscle and lose some fat!

– One set of reps to failure at a slow steady, full range of motion, machine in setting with your type of body is ideal and the safest way to do a strength training workout regimen so you don’t hurt yourself in the long run and you also by doing this will increase flexibility, and mobility!! Best of all worlds!


This is a Nautilus machine way back in the day… They have obviously improved in looks but have all the benefits for your body when strength training that I mentioned above! This is my favorite because it works so many muscle groups from your hips up! I could go on and on about it! 😉 It’s quite challenging, so they all are!

God Bless


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